5 Affordable Chinese New Year Office Party Games

With the Lunar New Year coming up, we’re sure your office is full of bright and prosperous decorations. You may even have plans for a CNY party! However, have you thought about what games you can play with your colleagues to welcome the new year? Apart from the usual gambling games and boring games such as pick up sticks, we have 5 affordable CNY office party ideas for you!


  1. Bubble Soccer

Tired of sitting in front of your desk all day long? Grab this chance to go out and have some bubble soccer fun! The game is guided by similar rules to soccer and requires players to be encased in a giant inflatable zorb-like bubble. Other than being a fun and innovative game, bubble soccer has gained popularity over recent years due to its team building properties. The game fosters interaction and communication among team players! Most of all, it guarantees you a whopping good time, whether it is through bumping your coworkers or getting bumped!


  1. Combat Archery Tag

Are you an avid fan of the Hunger Games trilogy? If you’re awaiting the moment to embrace your inner Katniss Everdeen, combat archery tag is the perfect game for you! The game requires you to run around while shooting your enemies with foam-tipped arrows, which will hopefully help you get in shape again after gobbling up those pineapple tarts during CNY! Combat archery tag also enhances teamwork and communication among team members as they need to come up with a clever strategy to defeat opponents, making it the perfect team building activity to kickstart the new year.


  1. Laser Tag

A game of laser tag is probably the closest you will get to your video game fantasies! The game requires players to shoot enemies with infrared-sensitive guns, and the team that eliminates all of the opponent team members first wins. Although it sounds fairly simple, laser tag is perfect for training your team to learn how to strategise. It also allows you to get a good idea of your team members’ strengths and weaknesses! This therefore translates to better work performance where your team is able to coordinate better as one!


  1. Giant Board Games

Our giant board games allow you to relive your favourite childhood games with a fun twist! These games are made to be several times their original size, and are thus great for outdoor play. Popular giant board games include giant jenga, snakes & ladders, and even pick up sticks! You can even play these giant board games during a team building session in the comfort and convenience of your own office. Otherwise, there are several locations for you to choose from, including The Cage @ Kallang, MND @ Tanjong Pagar, and Futsal Arena @ Yishun!


  1. Poolball

Poolball is basically a combination of pool and football – players have to kick soccer balls into pockets on a giant sized pool table, without the need of a cue stick. As poolball requires more strategising than physical exertion, it is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels! In fact, poolball is a suitable activity for team building as it enhances communication among team members when you discuss strategies.


All games mentioned above and more are offered at a starting price of only $15/pax! Book your team building session with The Fun Empire now to start the new year with better teamwork and coordination among your team members!





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