5 Types Of Bubble Soccer Players

If you haven’t heard of bubble soccer yet, it’s time you should! The recreation sport involves players that are encased in a giant inflatable zorb-like bubble and is guided by the same rules as normal soccer. It may sound dangerous, but trust us that it’s really not! The giant bubble covers your body from the knees up, acting as a cushion if you fall. Bubble soccer has been increasingly popular in recent years as a team building game, or even during company events and birthday parties due to the sheer fun of the activity! Here are 5 types of bubble soccer players you will meet on the field!


  1. The Standstill

This refers to all those players who choose to stay in their places after the game has started, or move at an excruciatingly slow pace! This is mostly due to the fact that they are afraid to get hurt if they bump into others and fall down. However, you have no reason to worry about getting injured! The bubble provides a layer that will effectively protect you from any injuries when you fall down. In fact, it is even safer if you just fall with the bubble instead of resisting the fall, which may in turn cause you to hurt yourself!

  1. The Rough

It should be no surprise that the rough players are mostly the guys! Guys are usually the ones who dare to bump into each other roughly while snatching the ball. They will not hesitate to bump into their opponents to send them rolling while they score a goal! An interesting point to note is that these rough players usually target other guys as their bumping target!

  1. The Reckless

This is an extension of The Rough. Reckless players do not only bump into their opponents without mercy, they also run around the field at a fast and terrifying pace! This makes players who are grouped under The Standstill even more unwilling to move as they risk getting hit by such reckless players! These players could care less about winning or losing, their sense of achievement is derived from knocking as many people down as possible!

  1. The Roller

The Roller refers to those who are so light that they end up being targeted by everyone in the game! These players are usually smaller sized players who end up sprawling across the field when they bump into their opponent! They spend most of their time in the game rolling on the ground instead of trying to score a goal. When they get up on their feet, they are mercilessly knocked to the ground again by The Rough and The Reckless!


  1. The Strategizer

While other team members are busy bumping or getting bumped by others, The Strategizer keeps his eyes on the ball and only has one aim – to score a goal! He waits till the goalpost is clear, and takes his shot at scoring a goal. The Strategizer is often the most focused member on the team who knows exactly what he wants to achieve!


It’s likely that you will have all types of members in your team while playing bubble soccer. Although it may seem like some players are more useful than others, this is rarely true as all players contribute in some way or another! If you’re itching to try the game, ensure the best bubble soccer experience by booking a session with us now!



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