In the month of September, The Bubble Bump Sg Team had an awesommmeee timing hosting friends from the corporate world!

Firstly, we had a girly good time with L'oreal Singapore! Bubble Bump Sg hosted L'oreal  over at Zion Sports Centre for a round of Bubble Soccer Singapore. As it was the girls' first game with  Bubble Bump Sg, the girls were having such a great time trying on the Bubble Bump suit!

bubble Bubble Soccer Singapore

Friendly Smile! Bubble Soccer Singapore

Ready, Set GOooo! Bubble Soccer Singapore

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Though they were all girls, they Bubble Bumped throughout the game and has so much fun!! Bring on the girl power!

We played a few rounds of Bubble Soccer and Flag Invasion, where the objective was to get into the other team's territory.

The girls had so much fun laughing and some even commented that it was the BEST and most FUN workout they ever did! They can't wait to play another round of Bubble Soccer Singapore!

If you are looking for a fun and safe way to bond with your friends, have a great workout or just bump around for no reason,  Bubble Soccer Singapore by Bubble Bump SG is the activity for you! Play Bubble Soccer Singapore with your friends now! Bubble Soccer Singapore

You can book your Bubble Soccer Singapore games at www.bubblebump.sgBubble Soccer Singapore

See you there! Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore

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