Weekend is around the corner. Want to spend some quality time with your family? What’s your plan for this weekend?

Try out Bubble Bump! Bubble Bump soccer is all about playing soccer in a bubble suit, fear not! This is suitable for both kids and adults! Isn’t it great to spend time with your family with fun and laughter all around! You will definitely have an enjoyable time watching your kids or loved ones tumbling around in the bubble suits. Bubble Bump SG has a variety of games.

Bubble Bump Soccer – It’s soccer while wearing a bubble suit! With these huge bubble suits on, it makes it more exciting to score a goal because you’ll be bumping your opponent as they try to get the ball from you to prevent you from scoring. This game would be hilarious as you watched your loved ones bouncing off each other as they try to get the ball from one another.

Bubble Bump Invasion – The Soccer field would be split into two territories, both blue and red team would have to find a way to get into the opponents territory without getting bumped off! It would be engaging for everyone!

I’m sure that everyone would want to end their weekends with laughter.

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