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Just in case you don't already know, Bubble Bump Singapore is the definition of fun!

Bubble Bump SG aims to crack you up with our variety of games which include Bubble Bump Soccer, Bubble Bump Musical Hoops, Bubble Bump Fetch, Bubble Bump Kaboomz, Bubble Bump Invasion and many more!

Brainless fun? No way! Bubble Bump games require team work, communication and strategy too!

In Bubble Bump Invasion, players are split into two teams Red and Blue. The objective of the Reds is to invade the Blues' "house", and vice versa. The fastest team to successfully invade the opponent's "house" wins a point! Both teams will be given time to strategize a plan on how to attack or defend. Discussing their BIG PLAN:

Bubble Bump Invasion by Bubble Bump Singapore
Bubble Bump Invasion by Bubble Bump Singapore

And... Here they go!

Bubble Bump Invasion by Bubble Bump Singapore

Oh man, the Blues have successfully invaded the Reds. But you know what? When Plan A fails, remember there are 25 more letters! >;)

Come try  out Bubble Bump Invasion today and bring out the strategist in you!

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