Bubble Bump Singapore | Bubble Soccer in Singapore REDWOOD (review)

HELLO FRIENDS! Check out what Redwood has to say about their game of Bubble Soccer Singaporebble Bubble Soccer Singapore

"Team at Redwoods Advance pte Ltd celebrated its weekend with a hilarious game of bubble soccer held on 22 August 2014 ...... This great team building activity on a Friday evening offered everyone a chance to have loads of fun and laughter and to socialize with different groups" 

Taken from http://www.redwoodsadvancepte.com/news/redwood-advance-singapore-bubble-soccer-game-team-building-and-fun.html

The Bubble Bump Team is so glad they have so much fun playing Bubble Soccer and that it helped them so much in their team building! The Bubble Bump Team cannot wait to host them again for another round of Bubble Soccer !!

If your company is looking for a fun, novel and safe way to promote team building within your organization, Bubble Soccer Singapore by Bubble Bump SG is the activity for you! Play Bubble Soccer Singapore with your colleges now! Bubble Soccer Singapore

You can book your Bubble Soccer Singapore games at www.bubblebump.sgBubble Soccer Singapore

See you there! Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore

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