5 Types Of Bubble Soccer Players

If you haven’t heard of bubble soccer yet, it’s time you should! The recreation sport involves players that are encased in a giant inflatable zorb-like bubble and is guided by the same rules as normal soccer. It may sound dangerous, but trust us that it’s really not! The giant bubble covers your body from the knees up, acting as a cushion if you fall. Bubble soccer has been increasingly popular in recent years as a team building game, or even during company events and birthday parties due to the sheer fun of the activity! Here are 5 types of bubble soccer players you will meet on the field!


  1. The Standstill

This refers to all those players who choose to stay in their places after the game has started, or move at an excruciatingly slow pace! This is mostly due to the fact that they are afraid to get hurt if they bump into others and fall down. However, you have no reason to worry about getting injured! The bubble provides a layer that will effectively protect you from any injuries when you fall down. In fact, it is even safer if you just fall with the bubble instead of resisting the fall, which may in turn cause you to hurt yourself!

  1. The Rough

It should be no surprise that the rough players are mostly the guys! Guys are usually the ones who dare to bump into each other roughly while snatching the ball. They will not hesitate to bump into their opponents to send them rolling while they score a goal! An interesting point to note is that these rough players usually target other guys as their bumping target!

  1. The Reckless

This is an extension of The Rough. Reckless players do not only bump into their opponents without mercy, they also run around the field at a fast and terrifying pace! This makes players who are grouped under The Standstill even more unwilling to move as they risk getting hit by such reckless players! These players could care less about winning or losing, their sense of achievement is derived from knocking as many people down as possible!

  1. The Roller

The Roller refers to those who are so light that they end up being targeted by everyone in the game! These players are usually smaller sized players who end up sprawling across the field when they bump into their opponent! They spend most of their time in the game rolling on the ground instead of trying to score a goal. When they get up on their feet, they are mercilessly knocked to the ground again by The Rough and The Reckless!


  1. The Strategizer

While other team members are busy bumping or getting bumped by others, The Strategizer keeps his eyes on the ball and only has one aim – to score a goal! He waits till the goalpost is clear, and takes his shot at scoring a goal. The Strategizer is often the most focused member on the team who knows exactly what he wants to achieve!


It’s likely that you will have all types of members in your team while playing bubble soccer. Although it may seem like some players are more useful than others, this is rarely true as all players contribute in some way or another! If you’re itching to try the game, ensure the best bubble soccer experience by booking a session with us now!



5 Affordable Chinese New Year Office Party Games

With the Lunar New Year coming up, we’re sure your office is full of bright and prosperous decorations. You may even have plans for a CNY party! However, have you thought about what games you can play with your colleagues to welcome the new year? Apart from the usual gambling games and boring games such as pick up sticks, we have 5 affordable CNY office party ideas for you!


  1. Bubble Soccer

Tired of sitting in front of your desk all day long? Grab this chance to go out and have some bubble soccer fun! The game is guided by similar rules to soccer and requires players to be encased in a giant inflatable zorb-like bubble. Other than being a fun and innovative game, bubble soccer has gained popularity over recent years due to its team building properties. The game fosters interaction and communication among team players! Most of all, it guarantees you a whopping good time, whether it is through bumping your coworkers or getting bumped!


  1. Combat Archery Tag

Are you an avid fan of the Hunger Games trilogy? If you’re awaiting the moment to embrace your inner Katniss Everdeen, combat archery tag is the perfect game for you! The game requires you to run around while shooting your enemies with foam-tipped arrows, which will hopefully help you get in shape again after gobbling up those pineapple tarts during CNY! Combat archery tag also enhances teamwork and communication among team members as they need to come up with a clever strategy to defeat opponents, making it the perfect team building activity to kickstart the new year.


  1. Laser Tag

A game of laser tag is probably the closest you will get to your video game fantasies! The game requires players to shoot enemies with infrared-sensitive guns, and the team that eliminates all of the opponent team members first wins. Although it sounds fairly simple, laser tag is perfect for training your team to learn how to strategise. It also allows you to get a good idea of your team members’ strengths and weaknesses! This therefore translates to better work performance where your team is able to coordinate better as one!


  1. Giant Board Games

Our giant board games allow you to relive your favourite childhood games with a fun twist! These games are made to be several times their original size, and are thus great for outdoor play. Popular giant board games include giant jenga, snakes & ladders, and even pick up sticks! You can even play these giant board games during a team building session in the comfort and convenience of your own office. Otherwise, there are several locations for you to choose from, including The Cage @ Kallang, MND @ Tanjong Pagar, and Futsal Arena @ Yishun!


  1. Poolball

Poolball is basically a combination of pool and football – players have to kick soccer balls into pockets on a giant sized pool table, without the need of a cue stick. As poolball requires more strategising than physical exertion, it is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels! In fact, poolball is a suitable activity for team building as it enhances communication among team members when you discuss strategies.


All games mentioned above and more are offered at a starting price of only $15/pax! Book your team building session with The Fun Empire now to start the new year with better teamwork and coordination among your team members!





BUBBLE BUMP SG | Balling good fun

Hi everyone!

Bubble Bump SG had fun over the past few events. Have not heard of Bubble Bump SG. Its basically a game of soccer with Bubble Suits on! It does not sound as easy as it seems! But Bubble Bump SG can confirm that you would have a balling good fun! Running around in Bubble Suit chasing after a ball, bumping everyone around. It would be funny too to see your friends tumble down.

Still not convinced? Here are a few photos for you to consider! If you are still unsure here is a link to watch our gameplay https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bubblebump+sg 

Official Bubble Soccer Singapore: Bubble Bump Singapore

Official Bubble Soccer Singapore: Bubble Bump Singapore

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BUBBLE BUMP SG |Do you have the guts to play?

Calling out to those who have yet to try out BubbleBump. What are you guys waiting for? Its almost 2016 and December is around the corner. Bubble Bump SG is a relatively new game! What is BubbleBump SG all about? It's trying out new sport with a bubble suit on.

We provide games such as Bubble Bump Soccer! Its basically playing soccer with your Bubble Suits on! As simple as that. Bumping your friends all around and watch them tumble. Its crazy fun! Release some steam and test your physical stamina!

Don't miss your chance to have a crazy and whacky time!

Official Bubble Soccer Singapore: Bubble Bump Singapore

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Hi Everyone!

Monday blues have kicked in our office and i know that most of you are feeling it too! Need a solution to kick off that Monday Blues?

Have you heard of Bubble Bump SG or Bubble Soccer? It's the best solution around to knock those nasty monday blues away! Don't believe me? Why not gather a group of friends and try us out on a Monday! Bubble Bump SG offers a variety of games besides Bubble Soccer!

Come on and try some fun with Bubble Bump! Its new and creative way to knock your opponents down!

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Hi everyone!

Over the weekends, we had a fun and joyful events! Have yet to try Bubble Bump? Here in Bubble Bump SG, we offer a variety of games such as Bubble Soccer!

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BUBBLE BUMP SG | Adventure time with Mr BUMP

Hello friends!

Mr Bump here, yesterday on the 18 October, Bubble Bump SG visited NUS for some crazy Bubble Bump fun with our friends from NUS. We had a lots of fun. What a way to start a new week. Have not tried playing Bubble Bump yet? Do  check us out on our facebook page Bubble Bump SG.

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Official Bubble Soccer Singapore by Bubble Bump Singapore

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BUBBLE BUMP SG | The Bubble Bump Diaries

Its already the month of October!

Have you yet to try any crazy fun with your friends or family? Do not worry! Here in Bubble Bump SG we bring the crazy fun to you.

Running around in bubble suits, chasing after one another and definitely bumping into one another! It's going to be funny and hysterical as you watch your friends or family members bump onto one another! This is definitely a must try activity!

We all deserve a break sometime, out of the cramp indoor office and have some fun with Bubble Bump!

Other than Bubble soccer, Bubble Bump SG offers a variety of different games too!

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Weekend is around the corner. Want to spend some quality time with your family? What’s your plan for this weekend?

Try out Bubble Bump! Bubble Bump soccer is all about playing soccer in a bubble suit, fear not! This is suitable for both kids and adults! Isn’t it great to spend time with your family with fun and laughter all around! You will definitely have an enjoyable time watching your kids or loved ones tumbling around in the bubble suits. Bubble Bump SG has a variety of games.

Bubble Bump Soccer – It’s soccer while wearing a bubble suit! With these huge bubble suits on, it makes it more exciting to score a goal because you’ll be bumping your opponent as they try to get the ball from you to prevent you from scoring. This game would be hilarious as you watched your loved ones bouncing off each other as they try to get the ball from one another.

Bubble Bump Invasion – The Soccer field would be split into two territories, both blue and red team would have to find a way to get into the opponents territory without getting bumped off! It would be engaging for everyone!

I’m sure that everyone would want to end their weekends with laughter.

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Bubble Bump SG | Corporate team building activity in Singapore

The difference between success and failure is a great team! If you’re looking for a team building option that isn’t about lectures and coffee breaks, look no further than Bubble Bump SG!

Bubble Bump SG specialises in Bubble bump sports which helps to strengthen team cohesion. Be it a new hire orientation or team cohesion, Bubble Bump activities can help your employees to step out of their comfort zone. Our signature games, Bubble Bump soccer and Bubble Bump Invasion encourages a lot of communication, coordination and strategizing and team work amongst team members.

Bubble bump soccer- A normal soccer game but with Bubble suits on! With these huge bubble suits, it makes it more challenging to score a goal because you’ll be bothered by your opponent-they’ll be constantly bumping you to prevent you from getting the ball. This game would be filled with so much laughter that you’d probably get stomachache from laughing too much!

Bubble Bump invasion- Each team, red and blue team will have their own territory and the objective of this game is to invade your opponent’s territory. The team who gets all their members into their opponent’s territory first wins the game! So before the game starts, team members will be given a good minute to strategize- attack the weakest one for instance! A lot of communication and strategizing is needed to win the game.

I’m sure after a good Bubble Bump session it would foster a stronger bond between colleagues ☺ and most importantly, your team will have fun!

Official Bubble Soccer Singapore: Bubble Bump Singapore

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