How To Build A Happy Office Culture

What’s your ideal office culture? It could be anything from the classic hierarchy to something that’s fun and vibrant. One thing’s for sure is that everyone would have said that they prefer working in companies that spread happy and positive vibes. But the reality is quite the opposite. Not all companies posses a happy office culture which makes the employees in that company unhappy and stressed. So if you’re looking for tips to improve the office culture, here are 5 ways you can do so!


  1. Bring your furry friends to office

Most people love their furry friends – cats and dogs – and would bring them to work if they could. Here’s the very good news! A study done by Central Michigan University noted that the presence of a dog in an office helps employees collaborate effectively. While a pet-friendly organisation is not meant for everyone, it’s worth putting this into consideration. Our four-legged friends can help employees get active with all the walks and combat stress. At the end of the day, you’ll get a group of happy employees who can then spread these positive vibes to the rest of the office.


  1. Celebrate milestones and achievements

It’s crucial to let employees know how important they are to the organisation as this contributes to a happy office culture. If employees feel unimportant, it’s very likely to reflect in their work – sloppy and bad. Start celebrating milestones and wins for it can help to improve employee morale as efforts are recognised. For instance, you could celebrate every employee’s birthday in the office with special desserts. Plus, you can commemorate work anniversaries by rewarding employees with a custom pair of shoes that represent the organisation.


  1. Participate in friendly games

If your employees are sporty people, you might want to opt for exciting team building games! With so many choices available today, your employees are in for a treat. There are games such as bubble soccer, laser tag, archery tag, and poolball. Get your employees to form teams with people they’ve never worked with before and participate in the games. By engaging in a friendly competition, it promotes teamwork and communication. In addition to that, it naturally brings out the team spirit which is contagious and can be applied in the office too!


  1. Give back to the community

We would all love to work in a company that we can be proud of. One of the ways for you to feel that way is by giving back to the community. Before that, companies must first be more socially responsible and be in touch with the local community. Doing good for others will make you feel good too. So do your research on the local communities and find out how you can help them. Then start a charity drive or volunteer yourself on off days.


  1. Stock up on sweet treats

When it comes to sweet treats, we’re just thinking about anything chocolate. Chocolates are everything! Employees could do with a chocolate bar at anytime of the day – especially to stay awake. Not only that, chocolates tends to liven up our moods too. This doesn’t mean that you should get a chocolate fountain and place it at the pantry. You can get sweet treats around the office for when employees need a sugary pick-me-up or just to snack away. A dose of chocolate a day is a quick and easy way to improve mood and productivity in the office.

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