FAQ about Bubble Soccer in Singapore by Bubble Bump SG

Hey fellas!

We have been receiving tremendous interest in our Bubble Soccer Singapore game! Thank you for your support.

Many of you guys have been asking how exactly is Bubble Soccer Singapore going to be carried out by Bubble Bump SG.

So we are going to take this chance and answer all of your questions!

1. Where is Bubble Soccer Singapore held?

Bubble Soccer Singapore by Bubble Bump SG can be played anywhere, as long as there is a flat, open surface. It can be played in a futsal court, basketball court, multipurpose hall, public parks - the possibility is endless. However, we would recommend you to book indoor futsal court because they are sheltered, netted and will give you the best overall experience. We work with partner pitches and help you book these venue at your convenience.

2. Do Bubble Bump SG help set up the Bubble Suits? How does it work?

After selecting your venue and confirming the booking, we will take care of everything else for you! Playing a game of Bubble Soccer Singapore should be hassle free. It's all about enjoying the time with your friends and college!

Bubble Bump SG will deliver the Bubble Suits, set up the premises, and we also have facilitators that will brief you about the safety features and rules of the game. We will help empire your Bubble Soccer Singapore game. We even go further to help you take professional videos and photos of your Bubble Soccer Singapore match so that you and your friends can keep them as momento. These videos and photos are all up on our facebook and YouTube page! Check them out.

3. How many people do I need to start a Bubble Soccer Singapore game?

A typical game would require a minimum of 10 players. There would be 10 Bubble Suits (5 red and 5 blue). For a duration of an hour, usually 10 to 25 pax can play comfortably with 10 Bubble Suits, as people tend to take turn to rest and play Bubble Soccer Singapore. It is fun and intense as well so playing Bubble Soccer Singapore for 5 minutes straight would already give you the kick you need.

4. Do Bubble Bump SG organize Bubble Soccer Singapore games for corporate team building or private events?

Yes, of course! Bubble Soccer Singapore by Bubble Bump SG is the perfect activity for Singapore corporate team building activities as well as private events like Birthday Parties etc. Bubble Soccer Singapore is a team sport, and the fun part is not only getting to bump your colleges and friends but also to see them fall! (in a safe way)

Should you need packages to cater to more people or for half day/full day Corporate Team Building Singapore events, just contact Bubble Bump SG and we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

5. How do I book a game of Bubble Soccer Singapore by Bubble Bump SG?

It is simple! Visit www.bubblebump.sg for more details or contact us at email: hello@bubblebump.sg , phone: (65) 9366 6916. We will get back to your promptly within the day!

6. Why should I book a game of Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump SG?

Bubble Bump SG is the largest provider of Bubble Soccer in Singapore!

1. Bubble Bump SG takes pride in our affordability to bring to you the most value for money Bubble Soccer experience in Singapore

2. Bubble Bump SG throw in free Professional photography and videography services for you so that you can keep them as momento for your Bubble Soccer Singapore experience

3. Bubble Bump SG Bubble Suits are specially coloured Red and Blue to help you differentiate your team members! This greatly enhances the Bubble Soccer Singapore experience. Can you imagine running around and not even knowing your team mates? Well, that would be a disaster.

4. Bubble Bump SG take pride in our customer services. All of our facilitators are highly trained and our goal is to ensure that you have the best Bubble Soccer Singapore experience. Bubble Bump SG response time is impeccable and we always caters to your needs.

5. Bubble Bump SG is seen in various press and media! Bubble Soccer Singapore game has been played by Instagram celebrities like bellywellyjelly, YouTube stars like Matthew from Wah!Banana, and many more. We also hosted a game for the largest gaming company in Singapore, Garena! These are just a few of many of our satisfied clients that played Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump SG!

For more information our Bubble Bump SG, please visit our website: www.bubblebump.sg

We hope to host a game of Bubble Soccer Singapore for you soon! 🙂

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