How did Bubble Soccer come about? It is finally here in Singapore!

“Boblefotball” first appeared on Golden Goal, a Norwegian TV show, in 2011. Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore

Bubble Soccer also might look familiar because Jimmy Fallon tried bringing it to the United States! It was played several times on his Late Night show with celebrities and guests. Bubble Soccer Singapore

Check out his crazy Bubble Soccer video here:

To play, teams of 5 suit up with their ginormous BUBBLE SUITS! Bubble Bump SG will help set up the game, go through safety guidelines, brief the players and also facilitate the game! To book a game in Singapore, visit their website:

Bubble Soccer Singapore can be played on any large and flat surface. A good location would be indoor futsal court, basketball court or public parks. Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore

Each Bubble Suit is very safe as they are made up of high quality durable material that designed to absorb impact. Bubble Suits are also equipped with in-built harnesses and handles. This basically gears players up for hard tackling and bumping of their friends in a fun and safe way! Bubble Soccer Singapore is a full-contact sport, and there is no tackling foul whatsoever! Bubble Soccer Singapore

Now you can headbutt your friends or colleagues without getting a red card! Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore

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