Bubble Bump SG | Corporate Team Building


You've probably heard the acrostic for 'TEAM' - Together Everyone Achieves More. Cliché it is, but it's spot-on!

Bubble Bump Singapore x Walt Disney SEA


Bubble Bump Singapore x Walt Disney SEA


Bubble Bump Singapore x Walt Disney SEA

Team building is essential for every corporation because through team building activities, relationship bonds become stronger, as the team overcomes unconventional challenges and makes decision together as a team. A lot of trust and communication is involved.

Well, we believe that team building events are not all about workshops and seminars. Bubble Bump Singapore provides team building activities through fun and play! Our corporate team building clients love our signature games Bubble Bump Soccer, Bubble Bump Invasion and not to mention, Bubble Bump Kaboomz!

Besides fostering tighter bond with your superiors and colleagues, our Bubble Bump games cultivate leadership, interpersonal communication, planning and strategic skills as well. Achieving synergy and maximizing organizational capability - checked!

Book your Bubble Bump session with us today! Check out www.bubblebump.sg for more details or simply call us at 6515 4146. Follow our Facebook page for exciting updates and photos!

See you soon! 😀

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