Bubble Bump SG | Hello long weekend

Yay! We love long weekends and we love spending them at Bubble Bump Singapore! It is great joy to be able to run and bump freely, fall clumsily, and laugh hysterically without giving a care and what's more, you have the next three days to rest and relax! Shiokness level: 100%  😀

Bubble Soccer by Bubble Bump Singapore

Bubble Bump Singapore has many Bubble Bump games lined up for you - Bubble Bump Soccer, Bubble Bump Invasion, Bubble Bump Hoops, Bubble Bump Fetch, Bubble Bump Catching, Bubble Bump Dodge, Bubble Bump Kaboom... you name it! We are consistently working our brains to think of new fun games and we definitely welcome new innovative ideas to make Bubble Bump Singapore even more exciting. Please write in to us if you have a cool game to share!

Meanwhile, enjoy your long weekend and Bubble Bump Singapore wishes all Buddhists a HAPPY VESAK DAY! 😀

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