Hi August!

In less than a week it's our nation SG50! What are you planning for your long weekend? Going for the NDP? Visiting science centre? I'm sure they will all be packed with people and you'll end up staying at home, because... who loves crowded places?

Why not try something new and interesting- Bubble Bump soccer! Running in Bubble suits and playing soccer, it makes it more challenging to score a goal! You could also play Bubble bump invasion- the team that invades the opponent's territory fastest wins the game! Invite all your family members or friends to play, and I'm sure you'll have a great bonding session 🙂

As a gift to celebrate our nation's 50th birthday, Bubble Bump SG is currently running a promotion- $50 off the total bill! Simply call us and quote this by August to lock in the deal!

Official Bubble Soccer Singapore: Bubble Soccer Singapore

Look no further! Call 6515 4146 to book a session with Bubble Bump SG now! To find out more about us, visit our official Bubble Bump Singapore website or follow us on Facebook for more information.

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