Bubble Soccer in Singapore by Bubble Bump SG

Hello everyone! Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore

You might have heard about Bubble Soccer. You might have seen it somewhere on your Facebook newsfeed or on YouTube. So what's the hype all about? Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore

Well, Bubble Soccer is a new game that involves players being wrapped up in a gigantic bubble suit, while playing soccer. Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but that's the fun part! This makes kicking the ball even more entertaining, especially when you start bumping into each other, or find yourself upside down! Bubble Soccer Singapore 

Bubble Soccer originated from Norway and it is a fun, exciting and safe game that has taken the world by storm. This craze for the new sport has hit USA, Europe, Australia and it is has now finally arrived at the shores of our tiny island, Singapore!

You can experience Bubble Soccer Singapore with you and your friends at www.bubblebump.sg ! Bubble Soccer is great for birthday parties, school camps, corporate team building, kids parties or simply a fun game with your friends! It is insanely fun, and the best part is laughing at your friends when they get bumped!

Bubble Bump Singapore is the leading provider of Bubble Soccer Singapore in Asia. Bubble Bump Singapore is the only provider with Red and Blue coloured Bubble Suits, which are disinfected after every match to ensure that they are kept sanitised and well-maintained.

Not only that, Bubble Bump Singapore helps you capture your fun moments with your friends with professional videography and photography! We also help to facilitate your games to ensure your fully enjoy the Bubble Soccer Singapore experience.

Bubble Bump SG also works with many private and corporate clients and partners to bring Bubble Soccer Singapore to everyone! It is our mission to make Bubble Soccer Singapore accessible to people, so that you guys can enjoy the game in a convenient, fun and affordable way. Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore

For more information on Bubble Soccer Singapore, please visit: www.bubblebump.sgBubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore

Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore Bubble Soccer Singapore

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